Using Print Media to Boost Revenue

While a huge number of businesses focus on online sales to boost their profits, you might consider using a blended approach. While there is no denying the potential that online marketing offers, you should think about using direct marketing including the use of flyers and other materials. To maximize your chances of success you would need to find the best step and repeat NYC has available. These firms will provide a host of services including the production of your printed marketing materials.

Developing Your Marketing Materials

The initial step when speaking with the step and repeat NYC firm is clearly defining what message you want to send to your targeted audience. This message is very important since you have a very short window of opportunity when trying to engage your audience, the materials need to be eye catching and concise. If this is your first-time developing these materials then you can ask the firm helping you draft the marketing materials for insight.

Who is Your Targeted Audience?

This is a key question, you have to clearly define who your targeted audience is before you can proceed. Will you be sending out a series of marketing materials over time or is this a one-off campaign? Generally speaking, the more often you send messages to your targeted audience, the greater your chances they will make a purchase from you. It takes a consistent amount of effort to establish yourself as a preferred brand in the mind of your customers so bear that in mind when gauging the effectiveness of your marketing materials.

What is Your Call to Action?

While developing your marketing materials, it helps to have a clearly defined call to action (CTA). This is the whole purpose of the marketing materials, to make your consumers take action and either purchase a product or service from you. Even if the consumer does not take immediate action, the fact you have sent them marketing materials will create an impression in the mind of the recipient. One way to get people to take action is by offering them a discount on products and services they naturally buy. For example, your marketing materials could have a redemption code that would be used in tandem with your website. You will be able to track the effectiveness of your materials by the sheer number of people who redeem those codes on your website.

Calculating Your Projected Return on Investment

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You will need to determine whether this particular marketing plan is going to have a positive impact on your bottom line. In order to determine the viability of the project you will need to do a forecast on how much revenue you expect to generate from the campaign and whether it offsets the upfront cost to you. If you are relatively new to this type of marketing, the firm that is helping you create the marketing materials will be able to provide you with insight on the response rate other campaigns had in the past. This feedback can give you the information needed to determine whether you should move forward.